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My kids and I on the beaches of Normandy France during Spring Break 2023

Who I am

Hi there! My name is Pedro. I live in Germany but am originally from Buffalo, NY #GoBills!! I am in the Army and am a forever online student (have received one online Master’s, one Master’s certificate, and am going through the admissions process for an online terminal degree). To say that I am well-versed in online education is an understatement!

I also enjoy dabbling in hobbies. Currently, they are triathlon (half-Ironman distance), and traveling with my family.

What this blog is about

I built Digital Doctorate because when I was researching information and experiences of others undertaking this choice of medium as their terminal degree program, the internet was severely lacking. Most sites try to steer you to sign up for something or sell your information to a degree mill site. While affiliate links will be peppered throughout this site, I do not intend to turn this into a data trove for a degree mill for-profit school!

This blog is meant to empower those seeking an online education. There will be tips, strategies, book reviews, and reviews of items that will make your life easier, and I will also talk about having fun and talk about things that make me happy.

So, thank you for surfing through, I hope you enjoy your time and feel free to leave me a message if you are (or aren’t) enjoying the content!

Pedro Diaz

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